Luxury Interactive 2017

October 16-October 18, 2017

Convene Conference Center, 32 Old Slip, New York, NY


Crisanta German

Director of Omnichannel Marketing

Taking Back Digital Control Of Your Brand

11:05 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Turning Numbers Into Identities For True Brand Relationships

The customer is at the center of your commerce strategies. When connecting with the customer, brands should not feel they are invading their privacy; brands should convey through digital messaging and targeting that the customer is their priority—the leaders on this present tactics to leverage the power of data for personalization:
• Analyzing your data needs and challenges—do you truly know your customer?
• Implementing innovative methods to use for predictive analytics and new prospects
• Filter data to analyze which segments have greatest demand and profit potential
• Turning data into a story for your marketing needs—unlocking data’s potential to create a greater customer interactive experience and lead on path to purchase
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