Luxury Interactive 2017

October 16-October 18, 2017

Convene Conference Center, 32 Old Slip, New York, NY


Daria Fain

Director of eCommerce & Digital
Jonathan Simkhai

11:55 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: The Delicate Balance Of The Sell Through Authentic Content

Luxury brands need to take back their digital voice from influencers, and can do this with creative, marketing and digital aligned. With a return to exclusive content and information to connect with the customer, luxury brands will prosper. The executives on this panel present tactics to for the soft sell with hard results:
• Creating editorial campaigns that do not oversell nor undersell to showcase a product
• Looking at types of content production and which can be best to measure your success:
o Videos
o Articles
o Social
• Building in technology for frictionless commerce, including shoppable buttons
• Analyzing conversion data: what is the correlation between vanity metrics and brand purchase?
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