Luxury Interactive 2018

October 15 - 16, 2018

Convene Conference Center, 32 Old Slip, New York, NY


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Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content

As they consider their options during a transition from traditional marketing, a majority of luxury brands plan to utilize user-generated content (UGC) over the course of 2017. Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content answers key questions about the transitioning luxury industry, including:- To what degree are luxury brands investing in UGC?- How are brands’ existing UGC campaigns performing?- How are luxury brands measuring their effectiveness?- Where do they anticipate the greatest amount of growth?Click on the image to the left to download now!

Luxury Interactive 2016 Highlights

Luxury Interactive is the leading omnichannel & digital marketing summit for luxury innovators. It is created and curated by brands, for brands. Luxury Interactive is where luxury brands get inspired and explore transformative technology to take their omni experiences to the next level. In its banner year, the 10th anniversary of Luxury Interactive brought together 300 eCommerce and digital marketing senior executives to tackle the industry’s central challenges.Click on the report to the left to download!

Turning Brand Vision into Store Execution: The Vital Role Store Managers Play and How Retailers Can Unlock Their Value

Retailers rely heavily on chain of command within the organization. This report provides some solutions to assist store managers and improve communication within the organization. This will in turn lead to improved store performance and increased revenue.Key topics include:Support structures and job satisfactionStore managers' daily challengesAligning the enterprise, from corporate to storesThe need for enabling technologies and more store associatesClick the image on the left to view now!

Directors Report

For years now, luxury brands have been digitally transforming, working to more effectively utilize all of their sales channels, generate better revenue-driving online experiences for their customers, and keep pace with their expectations. From Megan Kessler, Executive Director of Luxury Interactive, this year's Director's Report outlines some of the central trends shaping luxury commerce, and indicates how best-in-class luxury brands are building out their digital capabilities. Click the banner on the left to download the report now!

Old Habits Gone - Evolving Luxury Retail In 2016

Today, there are countless new ways to consume, and brands need to become highly agile and adaptive, says Pedraza. That means forming relationships with customers as opposed to simply trying to increase transactions, in order to improve long-term sales, profitability, and the lifetime value of their customers. Key topics include:The state of luxury retailThree best practices in luxury retailDisruptive technologies for luxury brandsClick the image to the left to download now!

An Omnichannel Conundrum

When it comes to e-commerce, the biggest challenge for luxury brands is international fulfillment. Their high-value products and services face unique taxation laws, while retailers must navigate through currency exchange complications and most notably, theft—where loss of even just a few high-value items can deal a substantial blow to the business. Products shipped by post or even courier face these risks. Key topics include: The state of luxury retail The omnichannel conundrum Impact of the BrexitClick the image on the left to download now!

How Luxury Brands Are Taking Advantage of Digital

Consumers are interacting with brands more frequently than ever before, leading luxury brands to recognize the need to to leverage technologies that are native to the social, mobile, and connected world. In order to find success in the omnichannel world, companies must be ready to sell, service, market, and engage with their customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This whitepaper covers key trends in digital luxury retail, including:  - How the new wave of digital marketing is transforming luxury retail  - How brands are leveraging content and social media  - How luxury retailers are taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities Click the image to the left to download the whitepaper now!

The Luxury Interactive 2017 Digital Focus Briefing

As a luxury executive, it is more critical than ever to stay abreast on how new technologies and strategies are deployed to gain competitive advantages in customer experience and loyalty. Luxury brands have traditionally been cautious with technology. But now brands are starting to understand that they must implement interactive, immersive and omni marketing strategies. Using the right technologies will allow them to stay relevant in competitive market. We at Luxury Interactive pride ourselves on bringing our audience behind the scenes at the most successful in-store and online luxury initiatives. In this brief report, we give you a snapshot of how Tiffany and Co., Sotheby’s, Cosabella and XO Jet are accepting omnichannel growing pains, prioritizing customer experience, and reaping the benefits. Download the briefing by clicking on the image to the left.

Short-Form Video and the Evolution of Customer Engagement

Digital marketing is ubiquitous, but the most common digital content isn’t compelling, isn’t personalized, and doesn’t provide convenient options for viewers. That’s why brands are increasingly adopting short-form video, adding to their content marketing mix and driving dynamic experiences for customers.Short-Form Video and the Evolution of Customer Engagement reveals how consumer brands are using dynamic video content for growth, loyalty, advocacy, additional value in cross-channel marketing, featuring direct quotes from leaders in consumer-driven industries.