Luxury Interactive 2017

October 16-October 18, 2017

Convene Conference Center, 32 Old Slip, New York, NY


Dr. Manuel Garcia-Garcia

SVP, Research and Innovation: Global and Ad Effectiveness
The Advertising Research Foundation
Dr. Garcia-Garcia is currently SVP, Research and Innovation: Global and Ad Effectiveness at the Advertising Research Foundation. In this role he works on mobile video ad effectiveness, cross platform advertising, multicultural marketing and other applications of neuroscience to advertising effectiveness. Previously, as a Neuroscience Director at Nielsen, he worked with an integrated research team to ensure the scientific integrity of the company’s project pipeline. As a strong thought leader, he leverages expertise in consumer neuroscience and best-practice research methodologies to drive the delivery of valuable, informed insights. As a public speaker, his work has been featured in multiple industry events such as Advertising Week, ARF ReThink! and Audience Measurement, ESOMAR, Neuromarketing World Forum, Univision Leading the Change, Nielsen C360 among many other global conferences. He has also led symposiums and run multiple presentations delivering his work at international neuroscience conferences.
Dr. Garcia-Garcia is also an Adjunct Professor of Consumer Neuroscience in the graduate school of NYU Stern School of Business. He has developed a textbook in the emerging field of Consumer Neuroscience, to be published by MIT Press, that aims at teaching future and present business leaders how neuroscience can help them understand their consumers and improve their marketing communication. Dr. Manuel Garcia-Garcia received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Barcelona in 2009.

Taking Back Digital Control Of Your Brand

4:20 PM GUEST SPEAKER! Neural Pathways Of Great Creative Across Platforms And Mobile

As messages become more prevalent in our society due to interactive platforms, how is advertising building brands in the brain? How can your brand break through the clutter so that creative on different platforms interact to create synergy and priming effects? In this special presentation, Dr. Garcia-Garcia showcases how your brand can optimize creative in cross-platform campaigns to achieve better results:
• Map out the media plans that will bring you the highest ROI
• Learn about the most effective creative strategies across platforms
• Discover creative drivers that lead to success on mobile and the opportunities it creates for engagement
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