Luxury Interactive 2019

October 14 - 15, 2019

New York, NY


Jimmy Hagan's Luxury Interactive Story

A Venue for Open Exchange and Insightful Interaction: Jimmy Hagan's Luxury Interactive Success Story

"I found the cross section of luxury brands representing different markets to be one of the most defining features of the entire conference."


Jimmy Hagan's Interactive Story At a Glance

Vice President, Strategy
Nanette Lepore

First Year Attended: 2014

How He’s Participated: Attendee and Speaker

Why He Comes to Luxury Interactive: Jimmy enjoys the chance to interact with a broad range of luxury retailers,
as well as the chance to cultivate his perspective as a speaker.

Luxury Interactive was the perfect forum for expressing my passion for real customer connection.

My initial experience at Luxury Interactive was driven by the fact that I wanted to speak and continue to engage as a speaker. While I had previously spoken at other events, Luxury Interactive was a target for me where I wanted share the message around what we’re doing as a company and also my own perspective on digital marketing, which I think is somewhat unique in an era where lots of people are dreaming about heavy-duty metrics, number and data. My perspective centers around trying to include fun, solid content, and story-telling into that customer conversation.

One thing I saw time and time again at different conferences was people losing the plot around this idea a little bit. I got the sense they were trying to wow you a little bit too much with numbers, and don’t get me wrong, we use intense analytics ourselves, but we never lose sight of the fact that we are a fashion brand, that when you're talking about Luxury, you're telling a story and then when you’re engaging with the customer, it has to be emotional.

I came in with the goal of reminding people about that, using our personal story as a jumping off point. We pride ourselves on organic, social media growth without any paid investments, and engaging in real, pure relationship building. I wanted to explore what kind of impact that can have for a small and medium-size business in the Luxury field, and in the fashion field. Luxury Interactive was probably the biggest platform up until that point that was able to help us get our message out there. What was great about the interaction with Megan, the producer, and with everyone else there was how willing they all were to incorporate our vision and what we have to say into the conference. They evaluated our thought process and they really wanted to us to be a part of the production, and it was really great. It was actually a unique experience in that regard because they were so open and willing to get our perspective heard. That was fantastic. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Cross industry collaboration was an important part of my experience.

I found the cross section of luxury brands representing different markets to be one of the most defining features of the entire conference. For example, one of the best conversations I had at Luxury Interactive last year was with the Marketing Director of Riedel wine glasses, which was such an interesting conversation to have because he’s in the consumer market and he’s selling wine glasses as a luxury item. And so, he was thinking about ways to tap into the associations of wine, but also he had handful of questions about, for example, how I spend 100 dollars on Facebook, or how do I know who’s a valuable person who have following me on Twitter, or how do I know what my voice should be on Pinterest.

That was a conversation I had with one individual and representing a small brand and that was really, really exciting because, too often, you’ll hear only mega success stories or only from giant companies with endless amounts of funding at these events. The main conversation and their main task is, ‘can they allocate five or ten million dollars to digital or mobile’. It becomes kind of impossible for companies like NetJets or companies like Riedel to take much out of those insights and so, being able to have a diversity of perspectives as well as company sizes really opens the door to new and particularly exciting conversations. I went from that conversation, to a conversation with a couple of marketing executives from NetJets. It was great speaking with representatives at a consumer wine glass retailer, and then talking to representatives of luxury private jet travel, which is on another end of the spectrum in terms of retail. All of us were talking together, having a little roundtable. Things like that are very, very hard to come by. Everyone was engaged honestly and openly, where everybody is kind of in the same boat and we’re all trying to feed this out together instead of everyone trying to just show off, or trying to push their perspective. When you make a discussion real and honest and an open dialogue with a diversity of opinions, you're going to have great results.

Luxury Interactive opened doors for my career.

For me personally, the opportunity to speak at Luxury Interactive was incredibly crucial. It was in the middle of the October last year, and about three weeks after the conference I was approached by Invest Hong Kong, which is basically the economic development corporation of the government of Hong Kong and they were looking to bring out a speaker to speak at the innovation, design, and technology conference in Hong Kong. I was able to show them a history of my perspective, and of speaking as a thought leader at major events in New York City. Luxury Interactive was the key element of that conversation. I ended up speaking in Hong Kong and delivering a key note address there on brand success and building organic relationships with social media which was fantastic, and all of that kind of snowballed into a professorship at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I am now a professor of media studies, advertising, marketing, and communications.

Luxury Interactive was, for me personally, a crucial step in my evolution as an international keynote speaker. For our brand, the insights and the conversations that we had were pretty amazing for us. We were able to take a lot of the different ways of thinking and approaching certain small tasks, certain day to day aspects, the nitty-gritty of actually running a company and the specifics of getting a successful social media, marketing, or operations team off the ground and moving. We were able to see different perspectives around these areas and incorporate a lot of new insights and strategies into our data.

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"Luxury Interactive was, for me personally, a crucial step in my evolution as an international keynote speaker."

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