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October 14 - 15, 2019

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At Luxury Interactive, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles on the top luxury brands and trends.

Why Luxury Brands Need to Embrace Big Data to Connect with Customers and Drive Growth

The luxury industry is facing many unique challenges in the digital age. As millennials move into their prime earning years, they form the generation that will contribute the most (130%) to the luxury market's growth over the next six years. Appealing to this increasingly important cohort requires a big rethink of traditional marketing strategies.

How can Luxury Brands Make Sure They're Attracting Millennials Instead of Alienating Them?

Marketing to millennials is a whole different ball game when compared to marketing to older generations, and luxury brands need to ensure they're moving with the times.

How to Convince Your Leadership Digital Transformation is Worthy of Investment

As tech-savvy millennials are accounting for more and more luxury sales, investing in technology and digital customer experiences is just as important for luxury brands as it is anyone else. You know this - but how do you go about convincing your leadership that digital transformation is worthy of investment?

5 Key Trends Shaping the Luxury Industry

The 16th edition of Bain & Company's 'Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study' found that the global luxury market is estimated to have grown to almost EUR1.2 trillion (USD 1.4 trillion) in 2017 - a 5% increase over the previous year. This is promising news for the luxury industry - let's take a look at five key trends that are shaping the market.

What Is Luxury? Understanding the Changing Consumer Mindset Of Luxury Brands

What makes a brand a "luxury" brand? Is it the quality of the materials? The design? The price tag? Yes, yes, and yes - but if these were the only criteria, everything from smartphones to well-made running shoes would be considered luxury items.

Five Key Challenges Facing Retailers Today – And How to Solve Them

With the right know-how and tools, retailers can come up with new and innovative ways to keep shoppers coming back for more

How XOJET Is Taking The Digitization Of Private Aviation To New Heights

Can XOJET transform the private charter flight industry to create an "Uber for the airways"?

How Tiffany & Co. Built a Diamond Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to digital marketing – and indeed to Tiffany’s business model – it’s engagement that counts.

Here’s How Sotheby’s Is Adapting to the Digital Age with Online Art Auctions

Luxury Shoppers are moving online to fulfill their shopping needs, and in response, the market is gradually trying to adapt.

Cosabella Is Using AI to Boost Sales with Email

Cosabella's new emails strategy has shown incredible result implementing AI to send customized emails.

Sunglass Hut Is An Omnichannel Retailer With 20/20 Vision

Sunglass Hut has worked to deliver luxury experiences for customers through omnichannel, consumer intimacy, and providing personal interactions across all marketing and sales channels

Barneys New York – An iBeacon of Digital Retail Renaissance

Barneys is delivering rich multimedia content with the “Relevance Cloud” to create a seamless and efficient in-store experience

Jennifer Marchetti, CMO, Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate

Marchetti explores the opportunities for luxury brands to connect with and serve clients in both online and offline social arenas

The New Digital Makeover: "From The Desk Of Elizabeth Arden"

It’s a campaign that speaks volumes about the powers of innovation, and the importance of addressing the end consumer directly

How Tumi Perfected the Omnichannel Journey

TUMI is focusing on delivery fulfilment, with an emphasis on customer convenience and seamless experience