Luxury Interactive 2019

October 14 - 15, 2019

New York, NY


Luxury Story Mary Bennett

A Focused Digital Experience With a Diversity of Perspectives: Mary Bennett's Luxury Interactive Success Story

"Luxury Interactive is an intimate event with a very open audience. I have never felt any hesitation to approach the C-level attendees, introduce myself, and have a quick conversation about what they have learned."


Mary Bennett's Story At a Glance

Vice President, Digital & Commercial Partnerships
Viceroy Hotel Group

First year at Luxury Interactive: 2007

How she has participated: Attendee, Speaker, & Advisory Board Member

Why She Comes to Luxury Interactive: To learn about the best digital strategies luxury brands -
especially those brands outside of the hotel industry - are implementing.

How I Got Involved

As an attendee, I find Luxury Interactive incredibly beneficial, because it involves seasoned speakers and luxury brand leaders having authentic conversations about what they have learned in the digital space. What’s more, at every session I attend, I walk away with the names of vendors, agencies, or peers who can help solve some of our biggest digital challenges.

While I initially came to Luxury Interactive as an attendee, since then my participation has expanded. The last few years at the event, I have either facilitated a panel or led my own session. I use my sessions as opportunities to hit on topics and strategies that will resonate with different attendees, regardless of whether they are digitally sophisticated brands with a lot of resources, or a brand that is just getting started. I believe the participants found that approach really valuable as I have had many people approach me and start up conversations seeking more information, which is personally rewarding and makes me feel like I am making a difference.

During that session I was able to validate my intuition...

about social media and it supported my drive to champion social media at the company I worked for at the time. I promptly introduced myself to the speaker and started a discussion with her;she was incredibly open to hearing about what my challenges were and she actually gave me the name of the agency her brands were using to navigate the social space. Equipped with this knowledge, I went back to my own senior leadership teams and showed them how critical it was for us to take control of social media and develop a strategy moving forward. I brought in the same agency referred to me and leveraged them to generate insights, educate our stakeholders and make recommendations. Looking in the rear mirror, attending that session certainly proved to be a watershed moment in terms of me embracing social media full force.

Learning From a Diversity of Perspectives

Luxury Interactive has given me a broader perspective on digital and taught me things I would not have learned in industry publications or blogs. There is no replacement for the insight you can get from in-depth, candid face-to-face conversations. I also think it is invaluable to speak with peers from other luxury brands in different industries, because there are always parts of what they are doing that I can apply to my world. Without Luxury Interactive it would be difficult to have that exposure or insights.

I have also made many professional connections with my peers in both the hospitality space, as well as other verticals like retail, and many of these have developed into relationships that I still maintain. Further, Luxury Interactive has helped me to connect with brand representatives as well as vendors and agencies. In summary, I attend Luxury Interactive to network and hear from my peers (both in and outside of my industry) regarding where digital is today, where it’s headed and how luxury brands are continuing to be innovative in that space given technological and massive consumer changes.For me, personally is no shortage of conferences to attend, but I like to make sure I keep a pulse on what is happening with the luxury customer and stay networked with other luxury brands.

Luxury Interactive: Creating Connected Experiences

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"I find Luxury Interactive incredibly beneficial because it involves seasoned speakers, but more importantly, luxury brand leaders having authentic conversations about what is working well, what's not working, and where the future of digital is headed."

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