Luxury Interactive 2018

October 15-October 17, 2018

Convene Conference Center, 32 Old Slip, New York, NY




CreativeDrive is the world’s largest studio network, capturing and managing millions ofdigital photo, motion and pre-media assets on a custom technology platform thatenables high efficiency at high production standards. Our solutions helpmarketers compete more effectively on the visual web, where consumers navigatewith ease between desktop and mobile devices and demand consistently satisfyinginteractions with their favorite brands. 

TheCreativeDrive group in the US includes OneKreate and Sandbox, offeringfull-service andmanaged production services, from concept creation through post-production;Totem Creative for bespoke creative and design solutions; and Dune Studios forstudio and equipment rental with a high-touch sense of hospitality. Through ourpartnership with W.Studio in Shenzhen, China, we also now offer full-servicevisual content production at or near Asian points of manufacture.


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