Luxury Interactive 2019

October 14 - 15, 2019

New York, NY


Expert Reviews

"A well-organized unique conference that presented insightful topics and good networking opportunities with an alluring cross section of retail brands."

Lafayette 148 New York Stephen Carl Sr. Manager, E-Commerce

"The conference was great – amazing speakers, many from my industry, and so well organized. I loved it and would like to attend again."

SISLEY Charline Morel Marketing Manager

"It was a great conference. Great quality of presentations and brands represented by attendees. I thought it was a great use of time- the brands that were represented and level of presenters within the organization was very appropriate"

Michael C. Fina Amy Madonia Director, eCommerce

 “The caliber of the brands here is really phenomenal. It’s great to see a mix of very high-level theory with practical application. I think you need both to get value out of a conference, as well as a mix of what the new tools are out there, but also, what brands like Tory Burch are doing to truly mobilize their e-commerce and social media strategies. I have nothing but good things to say so far."

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Felicia Yukich Manager, Social Media Marketing

 “It’s a very progressive group, lot of progressive programming with people who have ‘solutioned’ their way through the mess, which is really interesting. They’re talking back about their successes and the things that they’ve accomplished. I think that’s really interesting for everyone to hear, because we are all faced with the same organizational, market and audience challenges.”

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Robert Simon Director, Interactive Marketing

"At Luxury Interactive, we found that there was really rich information in terms of digital trends and what is going on in that space for luxury brands."

Baume & Mercier Michelle Peranteau Director, Marketing & Communications

 “I think it’s amazing the speakers that you’ve gotten [here at Luxury Interactive] from extremely well recognized organizations in the luxury arena. They not only are here and giving us their time – which is truly remarkable – but the things that they are talking about are clearly very important things, things that in some way are letting us in on how they run their business, which I find really remarkable and crazily insightful. I have a notebook full of notes, because it’s incredible the information they’ve given us.”

Malia Mills Carol Mills Owner

"Having attended the one day I could, I wish I could have attend the whole event; it was a nice mix of attendees across industries.  It’s one of the few events that focuses of luxury across all categories.  Hearing from those brands who use the same platform in different ways is very interesting."

Shopbop Hillary Ziegenhagen Head of Social Media

"The highlight of the Luxury Interactive 2012 conference was the idea-sharing between the industry's leading brands. The content at the conference showed a level of understanding and innovation unequaled by similar conferences in the industry, and we were able to have direct conversations with the types of brands and decision makers that aid in the growth of our business."

PMG George Popstefanov Founder and CEO

"As a first time attendee to Luxury Interactive hosted by Worldwide Business Research, the October 15-17, 2012 conference should be voted as the "best" digital interactive/mobile/social media/omni-channel event of the year! The venue, agenda, meals, intimate business lounges, partners, and attendees were top notch. The speaker roster (from Tory Burch and Tourneau, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Brooks Bros., Saks, to Donna Karan and Tumi ), were all attendees' peers, and they illustrated, without hesitancy or secrecy, the risks they took with their brand, the risks they are continuing to test, and the results they are achieving are paying off. Excellence all around."

Catalog Spree Maggie Athoe VP

“There are numerous companies that produce industry events, and all take a different approach. Having done countless events over my career, I can honestly say that WBR understands what both the exhibitors and attendees are trying to get out of events. The main focus is all about networking and the staff at WBR excels in setting up opportunities to do just that. Unlike most types of tradeshows or conferences where the attendees are highly motivated by the freebies given out by the vendors, the attendees at the various WBR events are there primarily to network and understand new, cutting edge solutions that exist in the market. The sessions are always packed, which is very nice if you happen to be on the speaking agenda and want to ensure your message is heard. The real value lies in the opportunities that exist to network throughout the breaks, typically in the solutions lounge or exhibit hall where foot traffic is at a very satisfactory level, but also in the way that lunches and other breaks are set up – WBR makes it nearly impossible to not meet with and mingle with the attendees at the conference.

When deciding on which types of conferences to have a presence at, the bottom line is just that – the bottom line. WBR does a splendid job of making the events they produce all about the networking experience and ensure that delegates and exhibitors alike can achieve the most value from the event, leading to a positive return on investment for both groups.”

Melbourne Digital IT Brand Services Ryan White Marketing Manager

“Luxury Interactive has provided Electronic Retailer with a great network of professionals in the high-end retail industry. The team is wonderful to work with and an excellent media partner.”

ERA Publications Group Debbie Duhn Associate Publisher

“Just the right balance of informative speakers and the opportunity to speak candidly with market players in an intimate setting”

Usablenet, Inc. Ben Begs Business Development

“Luxury Interactive provided a unique opportunity to meet with cutting edge executives on a personal level. The agenda allows for a superb networking platform.”

Rise Interactive Larry Fisher Business Development

“This is my first time attending the conference. I thought it was fantastic. I have pages and pages of notes, a lot of takeaways, a lot of actions that I want to do and I definitely plan on coming back next year. Great event!”

BMW North America Sheila Borchert Web Commerce Project Manager

"You did a great job attracting top quality attendees. It was a terrific turnout and an excellent cross section of the Luxury and Interactive communities."

Tumi Wendee Lunt VP Global Marketing and Business Development

"I think that the conference was a huge success! You and your staff did a great job running the event. Overall, I was very pleased with the conference and the content. I definitely learned a few valuable insights and have been thinking about our brand in a new light since attending."

Peruvian Connection Eric Martinez E-Commerce Director

"I think you all did such a great job putting the show together - not an easy feat in NYC."

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Andrew Poulton Director of Strategic Marketing

"You guys did a fantastic job at the conference and people were pleased. I am getting calls from all over and it is a big success for our brand."

Luxury Institute Milton Pedraza CEO

“Congratulations [on] a great event!"

Portero Stephanie Phair VP Business Development